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Shipping from China to Canada

Are you bothered by expensive freight costs, delay or loss of goods? THREE FORT is your ultimate solution. Known for on-time, on-budget, and smoothly delivery, you can trust us every time you think about shipping from China to Canada.



Stress-free shipping

We understand the importance of your goods to you. We are committed to getting your cargo to its destination safely, on time, and free from any stress.


Top-class services

For THREE FORT, every client is a top priority. Regardless of the size of your business or your shipment, all your needs are assured to be met.


Your trustworthy partner

We will invest more time and effort to understand your business requirements and goals. THREE FORT aims to become your reliable partner.



What's Your Choice?



Quotation of Sea Freight from China to US Amazon FBA (2019.9.9)

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Warehouse Area State 2-4.99CBM 5-9.99CBM 10-19.99CBM 20CBM+ 船期 航程/DAY
Special Price ONT8 450 450 400 400 5/2 20-25
LGB4/8 600 600 600 600 5/2 25-28
ONT6/9 750 750 730 700 5/2 25-28
FTW1 700 650 650 650 1/4 5/2 25-30
MDW2 850 850 800 800 1/4 5/2 30-35
CLT2 850 850 800 800 1/4 5/2 28-32
ABE8 900 900 850 850 5/2 30-35
SMF3 600 600 550 550 5/2 25-32
CA 1000 1000 950 900 5/2 28-30
ZONE1 AZ/NV 1100 1100 1000 1000 5/2 28-30
ZONE2 TX 1100 1100 1000 1000 1/4 28-30
ZONE3 IL/IN/WI/OH/MI 1100 1100 1000 1000 1/4 28-35
ZONE4 KY/TN 1200 1200 1200 1200 1/4 28-35
ZONE5 MA//CT/MD/PA/DE/CT/NJ/WV 1200 1200 1150 1100 5/2 35-42
ZONE6 FL/SC/GA/VA/NC 1300 1300 1200 1200 5/2 35-42




Shipping to Amazon FBA

THREE FORT offers a dedicated FBA delivery service for rapid and safe delivery of shipments of all sizes. Our services include collecting your cargo from China, labeling and moving through a custom brokerage, and delivering it to Amazon FBA US at the most affordable price.

  • Labeling Services
  • Packaging Services
  • Cargo Inspection
  • Product Photography


Stress-free shipping, just for you

The elaborate process of shipping from China to Canada may overwhelm you. This is because the process involves documentation, cargo pick up, customs clearance and finally, delivery to Canada. To ease this process, THREE FORT takes over the whole process and effectively handles every step of it, saving you any headaches and worries.

Our team also ensures that you are in the know by giving you detailed information throughout the process, so that you are never in the dark about any detail.


Relationships built for long-term success

Without a doubt, shipping from China to Canada can be quite nerve-racking. As a result, we’ve formed a team of highly skilled specialists who will discuss the details of your shipment with you to know your exact requirements. Once furnished with adequate information, rest assured that we will exceed your expectations, ensuring your goods are delivered within schedule and without damage, loss or extra fees.

We’ll also make every effort to understand your business objectives as we seek to position ourselves as your exclusive shipping partner.