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Streamline your imports without delay

Custom Clearance appears to be one of the major and most frequent issues within the distribution process. It is associated with a number of delays and higher cost amongst the industry. However, THREE FORT has improved this aspect and created a Customs Clearance Service that minimizes the problems, additional costs and delays while also ensuring the consignments are processed and delivered safely and within the specified time frame. We are able to provide these exceptional services for both, imported and exported goods throughout China and worldwide under the most affordable and convenient cost.


  • Streamline your USA Imports

    With THREE FORT, imports and customs brokerage are extremely simple with a streamlined and seamless process which allows importers to easily ship freight, pay duties, clear customs and finally – deliver it to a specified location in U.S. through one simple transaction. We offer efficient logistics solutions for all types of imports to the U.S. Instead of worrying about importing, you can now focus on selling because our customs broker transaction program will complete the whole process for you. THREE FORT is proudly providing customs broker services to hundreds established, prestigious businesses worldwide.

ISF 10+2 filing

With recent changes of policies, Importer Security Filing-ISF 10+2 is mandatory every importer shipping a cargo over the ocean, to the U.S. According to these guidelines, THREE FORT offers information and guidance on feeling and keeping imports on U.S. Customs ISF to all its customers.

  • Brokerage Services
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Customs Clearance
  • Import Bonds
  • ISF Filing
  • Duty Payment
  • Customs Entry
  • Importer Compliance

Streamline your UK imports

THREE FORT has developed an all-inclusive custom clearance service at the biggest seaports and airports in UK. We cover consignments sent over sea or air and clear your goods quickly and efficiently, without any delays. Our experience in the industry has given us enough credibility to offer most accurate advice to all importers regarding each aspect of the UK import regulations.

  • Duty Rates
  • EORI
  • Licensing
  • Preferences
  • Port Health
  • Quota RequirementsTranshipment
  • Carnet's

Streamline your Canada Imports

Our knowledge in local and international customs regulations helps us understand and resolve easily many diverse customs procedures, which leads to more efficient and faster clearance of your shipment.

One of the most important components of the international shipping is the management of customs duties, which our experts are masters in handling. We arrange transit and take care of the queries in order to assure a safe transport and successful goods clearance.

THREE FORT will take responsibility and complete all the relevant, necessary paperwork for your shipment, which will allow it to move through customs in a quicker and safer way. We validate documentation for each shipment, expedite its clearance and deliver goods professionally.

  • Pre-shipment authorization
  • Import/ Export clearance
  • Customs document preparation
  • High value clearance
  • Multi-line entry clearance
  • Handover to broker
  • Bonded transit
  • Customs-related storage
  • Post-clearance modification

Streamline your Australia Imports

We also involve you in the import program by allowing you to take control of your shipments by streamlining the process of customs clearance brokerage. Australia is another country where we are allied with all the ports, which helps us provide efficient and fast customs clearance.

Australian Customs and Quarantine formalities are strict and regulated. Thus, the preparation of the clearance and its completion are critical points, as an incorrect way of attempting to complete them may result in heavy penalties, which we wouldn’t like you to experience.

By preparing all the appropriate paperwork for your shipment and completing all the required importing procedures, we will send your imports successfully and quickly, with minimized delays.